The Inland Empire's Choice In musical Entertainment

Current Clients :

Ruby River Hotel

The Steam Plant

The Saphire Lounge 

The Club at Blackrock

Silver Mountain





Inland Talent LLC, is a talent agency serving the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene area, the inland empire, as well as national booking. We provide and manage the entertainment for corporate parties, night clubs, cruise lines, restaurants, and festivals.

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Artists Currently Booking :

Son of Brad

Jonathan Arthur 

Echo Elysium

Pamela Benton

Rusty Jackson

Sam Leyde

Just Plain Darin

Wiebe Jammin

Ron Greene


Jacob Burrows

Sean Kavanaugh

Joey Emerson

Sammy Eubanks (national booking)

Eric E.

Pat Coast

Jimi Finn

Justin James

Devon Wade

Loose Gazoonz 


Land of Voices

Eric Neuhausser

Mojo the Party Band

Nick Canger

Lyle Morse